ALBA University 75th Anniversary 3D Video Mapping

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A 3D Mapping Factory (3DMF) project in collaboration with Alba University and Adaimy Studios in Sin el Fil, Lebanon, will be held on the 18th & 19th of May 2012 next, on the facade of ALBA University.

This event is initiated thanks to the Dean of Alba, Mr. André Bekhazi, who has taken a daring initiative: to create an unforgettable show to celebrate Alba´s 75 years of excellence, creativity and passion.

3DMF would foremost like to thank the Alba 75 Years Committee for this amazing opportunity.

3D Mapping Factory®
• Project Management, Marketing, Public Relations & Finance: Jozef Hoes
• Concept, Storyboard, Animation, Filming Director & Animation Supervisor: Emile Adaimy
• 3D Modeling, Animation Production & Technical Supervision: Marc Mrad
• Assistant Director and animator: Pablo Barghoud
• 3D Modeling : Nayla Gedeon

Music & Soundtrack: Karim Kneyzer
Topography: Ronald Zgheib
Alba building covering: Nicolas Haddad
Additional Rigging and animation: Vicken Boghossian

3D Mapping Factory partner in projection software: Coolux ® (

Projectors to be used:
• Christie Roadie HD+35k Projectors 2x + Backup

3D Mapping content /storyboard:
• 8 min. film illustrating the history of Alba;
• 9 min. film illustrating work of the 6 Alba schools, whom each contributed unique parts of 6 x 1min. 30 sec. through its students;

3D Mapping Timeline:
A. 00.00-06.30 min: 3DMF in collaboration with Adaimy Studios
B. 06.30-16.30 min: 3DMF in collaboration with Alba University & Adaimy Studios
C. 16.30-18.30 min: 3DMF in collaboration with Adaimy Studios

1. Alba University – School of Graphic Arts and Advertising Film
• Concept: Chadi Aoun and Ghadi Ghosn
• Storyboard: Ghadi Ghosn
• Comic Strip: Ralph Doumit
• Typography Design: Lama Zouein
• Cell animation sequence: Chadi Aoun
• Animation: Nayla Gedeon

2. Alba University – School of Interior Architecture and Film Design
• Concept supervision: Rony Abou Farhat
• Concept and 3D sequences modeling: Interior designers class – 3rd year
• Animation: Nayla Gedeon

3. Alba University – School of Architecture Film
• Concept supervision: Samer Eid, Joseph el Hourani
• Concept & mood boards: Hala Habr, Jad Tabet, Mario Akiki
• Animation: Hala Habr, Lara Haddad, Stephanie Moawad, Mario Akiki, Pablo Barghoud & Emile Adaimy

4. Alba University – School of Visual Arts Film
• Concept: Janine Khawand, Laura Choueiry
• Animation: Janine Khawand, Laura Choueiry & Marc Mrad

5. Alba University – School of Cinema Film
• Director of video sequences: Ziad Saad
• DOP of video sequences and Chaplin video sequence compositing: Nadim Sawma
• Animation: Marc Mrad, Emile Adaimy & Pablo Barghoud

6. Alba University – School of Urbanism Film
• Concept by Philippe Bekhazi
• Animation: Christian Glenewinkel

Production expertise and follow-up: 3DMF in Collaboration with Adaimy Studios

Render farms:
Tarek Tahtouh (Alba University IT Department)
ETC – Naji Sfeir

Lucien Asmar, Georges Abi Aad, Fadi Afif, Nicolas Janho, Andreas Zakarion, Pascale Mounsef Abboud, Raphaelle Macaron, Stephanie Atalla, Jeff Aoun, Maria Serena Aramouni, Andronik Kasparian, Mohamad Kraytem, Georges Abdouche, Charles Traboulsi, Boutros Farah,Salem Farah

Gorilla suit actor:
Georges Abi Aad

Hand actor:
Cedric Haddad

Robot Sequence Dancers:
Bruna Dagher (choreographer), Tina Azar, Mariam Mikhael, Manalea Kakhia, Pablo Barghoud, Emile Adaimy, Marc Mrad, Jozef Hoes

Live Action Filming:
Director: Emile Adaimy,
Assistant Director: Pablo Barghoud

DOP Green screen:
Fadi Kassem

Assistant DOP:
Mohamed Sabbah

Green screen studios:
Alba University facilities & Partamian Studios

DOP War sequence:
Martin Boutros

Voice over:
Jean Khoury, Karim Kneyzer, Nathalie Rizk

War radio jingle courtesy of Voice of Lebanon: 93.5 FM

Emile Adaimy, Marc Mrad, Pablo Barghoud, Mirella Nakad (3DMF in collaboration with Alba & Adaimy Studios)

Event and making-of Photos:
Carlos Aoun ©, Anne Selhz Chahine / Pixel Marie © and Carl Halal, Jad Bechara, Marc Mrad, Jozef Hoes and Saer Karam

Making-Of Videos:
Marc Mrad, Pablo Barghoud

Mapping event Filming:
Rabih Raffoul & Joseph Najjar, Georges Najjar, Marc Boustany (Twins Production)

Mapping Video Editing:
Marc Mrad

Lighting Design and Projection staging
Roger Bakhos, Elie Harfouche (La Production)

3D Warping Operator :
Anne Chahine / Pixelmarie

Projector Technicians :
Bassam Mendelek, Omar Youssef, Naji Saad, Hagop Abetian

Special thanks to:
Isabelle Eddé, Clara Atallah, Marie-José Issa, Anne-Marie Zeenny-Abou-Halka (Alba Communication Team), Alain Brenas, Khalil Smayra, Adolphe Youssevitch, Abdelnour Abdelnour, George Khayat, Tarek Tahtou

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