360° DOME Projection at the Beirut Waterfront

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Get ready for the most THRILLING event of the year which will be taking place at the Beirut Waterfront from 17th Until 22nd May.

3D Mapping Factory® will be performing a 360° DOME Projection between 17-19 May 2016 and taking care for execution of:
a) 3D animation Art Direction;
b) 3D Animation Production;
c) Technical Management for the projectors;
d) Supervision for execution of the 360° Dome 3D Video Mapping;
e) Video editing of the 3D Video (Projection) Mapping show;

Ghada Blanco® spectacular 360⁰ 3D Video Mapping in Athens, Greece

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360⁰ 3D Video Mapping; a superior Prime Wedding experience to be executed on 13 June 2015 for Tamara & Leonidas at the premises of the prestigious Astir Palace in Athens, Greece.

This event will be organized on behalf of Ghada Blanco® at Weddings”R”Us; ONE of the most exclusive wedding organizers active in the Middle-East and Europe.

3D Video Mapping by 3D Mapping Factory®

Bank Audi® Mercedes Benz® Visa Card® – Water Projection Show

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A Bank Audi® Mercedes Benz® Visa card® Project soon to be executed!!

Bank Audi and T. Gargour & Fils will market the launch of their co-branded card, the “Mercedes-Benz Visa” Card, during a memorable event held at “Le Yacht Club” – Zaitunay Bay on 2 June 2015 next.
The highlight of the evening will be the exceptional and startling 3D Water Projection Show that will be projected on the beautiful seashore of Beirut followed by other entertainment shows, with the presence of eminent guests, media representatives and clients.

3D Water Projection to be executed by 3D Mapping Factory®

Location: In front of The Yacht Club @ Zaituny Bay, Beirut, Lebanon

McDonald’s® opening in Jordan 3rd biggest branch in the world

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The McExperience

McDonald’s will open a new branch in Amman, Jordan, on 21 January next, where it has focused on an interactive digital experience and imaginative atmosphere.

Being opened as the 24th McDonald’s restaurant in Jordan, the newest branch on Al Madinah Street is the first of its kind in the Middle East and Asia. The restaurant brings customers the McCafé concept and a first-class digital dining experience. The interior design of the space evokes a child-like spirit creating a fun atmosphere to dine with family and friends. Operated by Armoush Tourist Investment Co Ltd, a Jordanian company that recently won the Golden Arch Award from the McDonald’s Corporation for outstanding customer service, community involvement and business achievement, the new location offers an exceptional quick-serve experience.

“Customers are encircled in a space that nostalgically transports them back to childhood”

The branch was designed by French interior designer Philippe Avanzi, a leading designer who has worked on similar projects in Europe for the multinational corporation. Together with Serbian architect Zoran Dmitrovic, the appearance of this branch is distinct from other McDonald’s in Jordan.
Welcoming customers 24/7, the branch is the largest in the Kingdom seating 380 customers across two floors, a total space of 1,200-square-metres. In addition, an outdoor seating space is available for guests to enjoy Amman’s weather and a private events room, the largest in any McDonald’s in Jordan, is outfitted with audio-visual equipment and modern furniture. Parking for 100 cars is available at the on-site parking lot and a convenient valet service is provided for guests.

The interior of the restaurant features imaginative murals on the walls and ceiling likened to hand-scribbled drawings and puzzle piece outlines reference family games. Paired with furnishings in vibrant colors, customers are encircled in a space that nostalgically transports them back to childhood. Quirky semi-circular seating booths are below replicated installations on the ceiling and bubble-like space dividers add a whimsical touch. The digital experience is incorporated in myriad aspects of the restaurant. Dining tables contain electronic games to entertain guests during their meals and a designated electronic gaming area engages kids giving them a space to have fun playing with their peers. A user-friendly digital menu allows customers to easily browse items on offer and employees enjoy private training and a break lounge supplied with the latest technology. The branch’s drive-thru is equipped with the innovative Customer Order Display technology making the experience faster and even more convenient.

The Al Madinah branch is also the first to bring McCafé to Jordan, a concept that began in Melbourne, Australia in 1993. McCafé is perfect for mornings on the go with a broad coffee selection – cappuccinos, espressos and latte – as well as appetizing pastries.
The latest opening raises the bar for quick-serve dining experiences in Jordan and takes customers on a journey of the imagination.

Last but not least McDonald’s ® Madina branche in Jordan may be considered #3 worldwide in size and even #1 worldwide if you include their impressive private parking space; McDonald’s Madina has left for its customers nothing to chance!

3D Projection Mapping by 3D Mapping Factory®

TOTAL ® Oil, ABU AL BUKHOOSH, 3D Video Mapping, Abu Dhabi

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3DMF will be showcasting a corporate yet exquisit 3D Projection Mapping for nobody less then TOTAL® Oil, ABU AL BUKHOOSH at the EMIRATES PALACE in Abu Dhabi on 25 November 2014. A selective audience of VVIP’s in the Oil Business will celebrate their 40 years anniversary of TOTAL ® ABK Oil while witnessing their rich history up-to-date that started in Abu Dhabi in 1974.

McDonald’s® 3D Video Mapping Grand Reopening of ‘Aïn El Mreisseh’ branch

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On behalf of McDonald’s and under the high patronage of H.E. Mr. Michel Pharaon, minister of Tourism of Lebanon, you are invited to the grand reopening of McDonald’s® Aïn El Mreisseh branch on June 7th, 2014 starting at 08.00 p.m.

Watch the new Aïn El Mreisseh branch transform and come alive through a spectacular 3D Projection Mapping by 3D Mapping Factory®, at 08.30 p.m.!

Meanwhile enjoy new beginnings at McDonald’s®: A stunning view, a new McCafé, a wonderful PlayPlace and the additional choice of being served from the comfort of your car.

‘Aïn el-Mreisseh’
Everywhere you go in Lebanon you find names beginning with aïn, which means spring or source of water. There is not a single region where one does not find dozens of such toponyms: Aïn Dara, Aïn Teffaha, Aïn Zeytouni, Aïn Alak, Aïn Marje, Aïn el-Helweh, Aïn Baal, the list is endless (Spring of the Bride, of the Apple Tree, of the Olive Tree, of the Bramble, of the Pasture, of the Beauty, of the God Baal). The origin of each name has its secrets and its reasons.

In a little nook on the north side of Beirut you may find a small spring by the sea from which the fishermen used to slake their thirst, by the name of Aïn el-Mreisseh, which may be understood as Spring of the Sea-Queen or of the Lady Chieftain. Or it may be a diminutive of Marsa, the Resting – or Meeting – place.

In the past this was an attractive and picturesque spot, illustrated by almost every artist and orientalist. But as urban development spread its tentacles, a coastal road came alongside, cutting the inner lake off from the sea and spoiling the charm of the place. However, fishermen still draw up their boats there, the multitudinous call of the ocean is still heard, and the wavelets still lap up the slope towards the source. So there yet remains a small corner of poetry and nostalgia, although crushed by the background of the towering hotels and business houses. If only this humble nook had been allowed to stay as it once was!

McDonald’s Lebanon
McDonald’s opened its first restaurant in Lebanon on September 18th 1998. Today, there are 24 restaurants employing hundreds of Lebanese throughout the country. As leaders in the food service industry, McDonald’s is proud to have introduced in Lebanon the largest global food service retailer and the world’s best quick service restaurant.

McDonald’s Lebanon participates in the growth and development of the Lebanese economy by actively coaching local supply programs and helping Lebanese suppliers to reach international standards.

McDonald’s Lebanon strives to continuously employ and develop its team through a career path system and continuous trainings. Giving back to the community is one of its most essential pillars, and therefore McDonald’s supports the growth and active lifestyle of children.

McDonald’s Lebanon supports several NGO’s and charities in their humanitarian missions on a regular basis. Indeed McDonald’s Lebanon is a proud supporter of the Children Cancer Center of Lebanon “CCCL” and Al Younbouh.

McDonald’s opened its branch in Ain El Mreisseh in December, 1998. Since then, McDonald’s Lebanon has served hundreds of thousands of customers and has been an active member of the area’s community.

McDonald’s is continuing its investments in Lebanon in several areas as Karim Miknas, the Managing Partner pushes through an integrated plan to ensure that the overall presence and image in Lebanon remains very contemporary. Over the past months, Dunes Center Verdun, Bliss Street Hamra, as well as the flagship Dora restaurant and Sami El Solh were reimaged to ensure the restaurant experience continues in a refreshed way. The Ain El Mraisseh reimaging project was completed earlier this year, and the restaurant reopened in April 2014.

Novo Nordisk® history & development

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Novo Nordisk, leader in diabetes care, will launch in Lebanon its new generation basal insulin -Insulin Degludec- in an event to be held on 10th April 2014 at La Magnanerie.

A 3D Video Mapping Show will be created for this occasion. The idea behind the movie is to show the history and development through the years of Novo Nordisk diabetes portfolio leading to the launch of its latest insulin molecule that will be marketed in a new device under the name of Tresiba® FlexTouch®

Novo Nordisk is a global healthcare company with 90 years of innovation. In addition to diabetes, the company has also leading positions within haemophilia care, growth hormone therapy and hormone replacement therapy. Headquartered in Denmark, Novo Nordisk employs approximately 38,000 employees with offices in more than 76 countries, and markets its products in more than 180 countries!

IZUMI Urban Japanese Restaurant/Pub 3D Video Mapping

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Animated Teardrops

Feel welcome to watch a continuous 3D Mapping Show at ONE of Lebanese prime Restaurant / Pub locations in Uruguay Street, Downtown Beirut for a new concept to the Japanese cuisine.

This Concept is based on Japanese Izakaya style where food is served to SHARE in addition to the partying theme of lounge and caustic music. It combines sushi and party lovers prepared and supervised by it’s Michelin Star awarded cook.

3DMF customizes the animations from time to time on behalf of IZUMI’s seasonal spirits and initiaves for rich events and the welcomming of Lebanese celebrities.

3D Mapping Show for the GRAND opening of the newly build Palace of Sports and Hobbies

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Through LIVE International Television Broadcasting stations such as MTV and LBC, 3D Mapping Factory will take part tonight with a spectacular custom made 3D Video Mapping show, designed for the GRAND opening of the newly build Palace of Sports and Hobbies in the city of Zouk Mikaël. We will be showcasing the anniversary of the President 50 years in charge of the Municipality, Mr. Nohad Nawfal and the 100 years existence of Zouk Mikaël itself. 3DMF is proudly commissioned by Caractère Events and the Municipality of Zouk Mikaël.


3DMF starts RENTAL of HD Projectors for Large Venues

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3D Mapping Factory owns Projectors of the brand DIGITAL PROJECTION. These Digital Video Projectors are known for their Super High Brightness. They are among the most popular in the United States and mainly used for Large Venue 3D Video Mappings.

(HD Projectors with DLP Chipset – 18.000 Center Lumens, 16.000 ANSI Lumens (+/- 10%)

For rental inquiries please contact us at rental@3dmappingfactory.com or call us at +9613363370