McDonald’s® opening in Jordan 3rd biggest branch in the world

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The McExperience

McDonald’s will open a new branch in Amman, Jordan, on 21 January next, where it has focused on an interactive digital experience and imaginative atmosphere.

Being opened as the 24th McDonald’s restaurant in Jordan, the newest branch on Al Madinah Street is the first of its kind in the Middle East and Asia. The restaurant brings customers the McCafé concept and a first-class digital dining experience. The interior design of the space evokes a child-like spirit creating a fun atmosphere to dine with family and friends. Operated by Armoush Tourist Investment Co Ltd, a Jordanian company that recently won the Golden Arch Award from the McDonald’s Corporation for outstanding customer service, community involvement and business achievement, the new location offers an exceptional quick-serve experience.

“Customers are encircled in a space that nostalgically transports them back to childhood”

The branch was designed by French interior designer Philippe Avanzi, a leading designer who has worked on similar projects in Europe for the multinational corporation. Together with Serbian architect Zoran Dmitrovic, the appearance of this branch is distinct from other McDonald’s in Jordan.
Welcoming customers 24/7, the branch is the largest in the Kingdom seating 380 customers across two floors, a total space of 1,200-square-metres. In addition, an outdoor seating space is available for guests to enjoy Amman’s weather and a private events room, the largest in any McDonald’s in Jordan, is outfitted with audio-visual equipment and modern furniture. Parking for 100 cars is available at the on-site parking lot and a convenient valet service is provided for guests.

The interior of the restaurant features imaginative murals on the walls and ceiling likened to hand-scribbled drawings and puzzle piece outlines reference family games. Paired with furnishings in vibrant colors, customers are encircled in a space that nostalgically transports them back to childhood. Quirky semi-circular seating booths are below replicated installations on the ceiling and bubble-like space dividers add a whimsical touch. The digital experience is incorporated in myriad aspects of the restaurant. Dining tables contain electronic games to entertain guests during their meals and a designated electronic gaming area engages kids giving them a space to have fun playing with their peers. A user-friendly digital menu allows customers to easily browse items on offer and employees enjoy private training and a break lounge supplied with the latest technology. The branch’s drive-thru is equipped with the innovative Customer Order Display technology making the experience faster and even more convenient.

The Al Madinah branch is also the first to bring McCafé to Jordan, a concept that began in Melbourne, Australia in 1993. McCafé is perfect for mornings on the go with a broad coffee selection – cappuccinos, espressos and latte – as well as appetizing pastries.
The latest opening raises the bar for quick-serve dining experiences in Jordan and takes customers on a journey of the imagination.

Last but not least McDonald’s ® Madina branche in Jordan may be considered #3 worldwide in size and even #1 worldwide if you include their impressive private parking space; McDonald’s Madina has left for its customers nothing to chance!

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