The OPERA HOUSE at LIBERTY SQUARE for the KOHAR concert in Yerevan

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KOHAR with Stars of Armenia online 5-Star rated 3D Video Mapping

3D Projection Mapping through dynamic camera angles by HAYASA Productions LTD, Cyprus. Live Concert event at Liberty Square, Opera, Yerevan, Armenia, on the 28th May 2011 including one of the most spectacular 3D projection mappings ever performed in the area. Hundreds of thousands spectators watched live, via TV broadcast and Internet Live Stream.
Produced by HAYASA Productions LTD, Cyprus
Storyboard: Domino Production, Armenia
3D Scanning, Modelling, Animation Graphics & 3D Mapping: Adaimy Studios & 3D Mapping Factory, Lebanon.
Light & Projection: LA Production, Lebanon
© 2011 HAYASA Productions LTD, Cyprus

Special note:
This is the first 3D Mapping Projection worldwide done on a circular, architectural building and it received a 5-star online top ranking by a professional German rating bureau.

Credits Mapping:

Art direction & Animation supervision: Emile Adaimy
Management, Marketing & Finance: Jozef Hoes
Project Development & Technical Production : Roger Bakhos

Part A (4mn)
Animation & compositing
: Emile Adaimy
: Marc Mrad

Additional animations
: Emma Hechem Lopez
: Pablo Barghoud

Music by Kohar
Music editing and sound effects
: Ramzi Madi

Part B (1mn)
Animation & compositing
: Emma Hechem Lopez
: Pedro Navaez

: Michel Fadel

Sound effects
: Ramzi Madi

: Floris Rouw

3D Model
: Pawel Dudek

Mapping and Warping consultants
: Bas ten Berge
: Anne Sehlz
: Wadim Wall

Green screen filming
: Domino Productions

: Roger Bakhos, Ashot Arekelian and Emile Adaimy

: Emile Adaimy

Event production
: Hayasa Productions

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