Teaser 75th Anniversary celebration of ALBA University – 3D MAPPING SHOW

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ALBA is an old lady who continues to push the walls of eventual aging: far from being trapped in the rigid shackles of tradition, and while respecting the spirit that is hers, it combines past, present and future for all modes, through all possible venues for artistic expression…

Celebrating 75 years of Alba is both a tribute to its glorious past, a hymn to its exciting present , and an ode to its ambitious future.

1. From 15h to 00h: The campus is open to the public.
Students, teachers, parents, friends, are invited.
2. From 15h to 20h: Music
Different bands succeed for live musical performances:
– Adonis | facebook.com/adonis.band.lebanon
– Michelle et Noel Keserwany | facebook.com/michelleandnoel
– Meen the band | facebook.com/meentheband
-Episode | facebook.com/episode.band
– ALBA music club
– Ants with Pants
– Karma jazz trio | facebook.com/pages/Karma-Jazz-Trio/353263258017707
– Zeid and the wings | facebook.com/ZeidAndTheWingsAdonis | facebook.com / adonis.band.lebanon
The artistic journey
• The ALBA of tomorrow: discovery of a model of the extension of ALBA;
• The Alba of always: works from the private collections of ALBA painters;
• The Alba in Baalbek: 8 years of shows in Bacchus;
• The Alba exposes Lebanon: photographic works on the Lebanese regions;
• The Alba in pictures: selection of short student films.
3. At 21:30: 3D Video Mapping Show
“ALBA in three dimensions”,
3D projection, produced by 3D Mapping Factory, in collaboration with Adaimy Studios.
ALBA invites you to the Sound and Light Show to find it’s peak through a 3D Projection Mapping that will make its façade shine with a thousand lights.
The building of ALBA will come alive in a spectacular 3D projection: 75 years of passion and creativity to ALBA, told through a spectacular show of 17 minutes unforgettable sensory immersion.
The meeting between tech 3D animation and video projection, will transport the audience into the prestigious past of Alba, its exciting present and its ambitious future.
4. At 22:30: DJ set
Underrated Crew (Indie, Electro, Dubstep) | facebook.com / UnderratedParties


Music – Caravan Palace (Jolie coquine)

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