• McDonalds_3DProjection_BeirutFIRST 3D Mapping Projection for McDonald's® worldwide

    3D Mapping Factory® is proud to have created the FIRST 3D Mapping Projection for McDonald's® worldwide, in Ain al Mreisseh, Lebanon!

    In collaboration and with special thanks to:

    • Miknas Food (the Lebanese partner of Lebanese McDonald's branches)
    • Weber Shandwick Lebanon (Public Relations partner for the assigment)
    • Lumen Art Roger Bakhos (Lighting & Sound system)
    • Karim Khneisser (Music & Sound design)

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  • Novo Nordisk 3D Video MappingNovo Nordisk® history & development 3D Video Mapping

    Novo Nordisk, leader in diabetes care, launched in Lebanon its new generation basal insulin -Insulin Degludec- in an event held on 10th April 2014 at La Magnanerie. An amazing 3D Video Mapping Show was created for this occasion. The idea behind the movie was to show the history and development through the years of Novo Nordisk diabetes portfolio leading to the launch of its latest insulin molecule that will be marketed in a new device under the name of Tresiba® FlexTouch®

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  • Izumi IZUMI Urban Japanese Restaurant/Pub 3D Video Mapping HD

    Continuous 3D Mapping Show at ONE of Lebanese prime locations in Uruguay Street, Downtown Beirut for a new concept to the Japanese cuisine. This Concept is based on 'Japanese Izakaya style' where food is served to SHARE in addition to the partying theme of lounge and caustic music. It combines sushi and party lovers prepared and supervised by its Michelin Star awarded cook. 3D Mapping Factory customizes the animations from time to time on behalf of IZUMI's seasonal spirits and initiatives for colorful events and the welcoming of Lebanese celebrities.

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  • ZoukMikaelZouk Mikäel Grand Opening 3D Video Mapping

    Through LIVE International Television Broadcasting via MTV Lebanon, 3D Mapping Factory has taken part with a spectacular custom made 3D Video Mapping show, designed for the GRAND opening of the newly build Palace of Sports and Hobbies in the city of Zouk Mikaël.

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  • Platea-Prime-Wedding-3D-Video-MappingPlatea Prime Wedding 3D Video Mapping Project by Ghada Blanco

    3D Mapping at ONE of Lebanese most Chique and Exquisite Prime Weddings of the year, organized and on behalf of Mrs. Ghada Blanco by Weddings"R"Us and held at the breathtaking VIP location of PLATEA Lebanon.

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  • BankAudiBank Audi Emall 3D Mapping by different Angles

    Through technological advancement, Bank Audi is introducing pioneering practices and the latest trends in payment methods. Emall, the market place for online shopping, is a mutual platform for both merchants and cardholders, which brings them together virtually to perform their transactions.

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  • BankAudi_emallBank Audi launches Emall 3D Mapping

    At an event held at Bank Audi Plaza in Beirut Central District, Bank Audi launched its latest e-commerce breakthrough,  entitled Emall, the Marketplace for Online Shopping. 

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  • Ociel-Venue-Prime-Wedding-3D-Video-MappingOciel Venue Prime Wedding 3D Video Mapping

    3DMF has thrown another stunning 3D Mapping Projection for ONE of Lebanese most spectucular Prime Weddings for the year on June 7, 2013. It was held at the breathtaking location of Ociel where glamour and style are 'standard' points of perspective.

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  • Prime-Wedding-3D-Mapping-at-The-ForumPrime Wedding 3D Mapping at The Forum 

    VIP's among an impressive audience of ± 1200 private quests ‘dazzled’ through a stunning 3D Projection Mapping and witnessed a FIRST in the Lebanese wedding scene on Saturday 18 May 2013 in Forum de Beirut.

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  • video6TV interview with MTV Lebanon

    MTV Lebanon previewing 3D Video Mapping on ALBA University in Lebanon with management of 3D Mapping Factory and Manager Communications & Orientation of ALBA University.

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  • ALBA-75th-Anniversary-3D-MappingALBA 75th Anniversary 3D Mapping

    A 3D Mapping Factory project in collaboration with Alba University and Adaimy Studios in order to create an unforgettable show to celebrate Alba University’s 75 years of excellence, creativity and passion.

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  • video4'Hands-on Making Of' ALBA University

    ALBA University in 3 dimensions"; Our next 3D Mapping project where ALBA invites you to watch its facade shine of thousand lights. The building of the ALBA will come to life in a dramatic projection in 3D: 75 years of passion & creativity of the historic ALBA University

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  • video2KOHAR with Stars of Armenia 3D Mapping

    3D Mapping Factory took part with one of the most spectacular 3D Projection Mappings ever performed in the area in between a Live Concert event at Liberty Square, Opera, Yerevan, Armenia, on the 28th May 2011. Hundreds of thousands spectators watched live, via TV broadcast and Internet Live Stream.

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  • video3'Technical Making' Of KOHAR

    This video reveals the mystery behind the first 3D Mapping ever made on a cylindrical building, the OPERA HOUSE at LIBERTY SQUARE for the KOHAR concert in Yerevan, Armenia on Saturday 28 May 2011

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  • video9'Hands-on Making Of' KOHAR

    This compilation informally shows how the people of 3D Mapping Factory, Adaimy Studios & LA production prepared the 3D Animation Mapping on the OPERA HOUSE at LIBERTY SQUARE for the KOHAR concert in Yerevan, Armenia on Saturday 28 May 2011.

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  • video1UFA Competition 3D Mapping

    The UFA 3D Mapping Competition Event was the first major 3D Mapping event in Lebanon on the facade of the UFA Insurances headquartes downtown Beirut. This event took place each evening from 22 december 2010 untill 1 January 2011. 

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Our last project

McDonald’s® spectacular WORLD BRANCH opening! The McExperience..3D Projection Mapping by 3D Mapping Factory®

McDonald’s has opened a new branch in Amman, Jordan, where it has focused on an interactive digital experience and imaginative atmosphere.

Being opened as the 24th McDonald’s restaurant in Jordan, the newest branch on Al Madinah Street is the first of its kind in the Middle East and Asia. The restaurant brings customers the McCafé concept and a first-class digital dining experience. The interior design of the space evokes a child-like spirit creating a fun atmosphere to dine with family and friends. Operated by Armoush Tourist Investment Co Ltd, a Jordanian company that recently won the Golden Arch Award from the McDonald’s Corporation for outstanding customer service, community involvement and business achievement, the new location offers an exceptional quick-serve experience.

“Customers are encircled in a space that nostalgically transports them back to childhood”

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