3D Video Mapping

3D Mapping Factory (3DMF) is an international 3D Video Mapping production house with offices in Europe and the Middle East. With extended animation experience for over around 30 years we have become specialized in delivering spectacular visual shows on objects and prestigious building façades from modern design to complex architectural shapes to (classic) land marks. We match 3D videos to any surface that we are projecting on to create cool 3D effects, making it look as though buildings are crumbling, changing their structure and more. We take on special events such as festivals, advertisements, celebrations, openings, launch parties, concerts, prime weddings, promotions for (concept) cars etc.

How do we work?
We create and manage all elements to fulfill a 3D Video Mapping such as the 3D Modeling, Storyboard, Animatic, Production of Animation, Production of the soundtrack of the animation and projection (music, sound design & special effects), Pre-programming for projection (Warping / hard & soft-edge), logistical site planning, power planning and on-site installation of hard -and software including projectors & media servers. Last but not least we film our projects in HD and we produce the audiovisuals and video editing needed for online presence to coordinate this through public relation tools and media campaigns.

Delivery of an experience
Based upon the message of our commissioner it is our target to deliver a unique EXPERIENCE rather than a product by projecting a unique story through the 3D Video Mapping which is rich of quality content, leaving the crowd with unforgettable memories.

As a result, the IMPACT to catch people at unexpected places and at unexpected moments with this unique, provocative, engaging & cool concept called ‘3D Video Mapping’ is AMAZING. Companies, institutions, municipalities, investors, exclusive night clubs, wedding planners etc. are using our 3D Video Mapping services for sharing their campaigns on and of the web creating a HUGE amount of exposure. Whether you want to face-lift or differentiate your (company) image, advertise your product(s), personalize your festival, prime wedding etc. it all comes down to getting the targeted crowd excited by creating something very exquisite and sexy; with 3D Video Mapping, you will become ‘The Talk of the Town”.

3D Video Mapping being a unique form of Guerilla Marketing we apply a hands-on approach accompanied by an interesting marketing mix, to reach, find and engage the market that our client is aiming for. Whether through direct marketing, PR, (online) media, or press releases etc. we use an impressive network to get the maximum result. Building your (brand) awareness and gaining more market share by attracting new customers or increasing your sales will get a boost through sophisticated marketing tools.

We passionately choose our team members and equipment to work with for each individual project and we proceed pragmatically. Working with innovative, high-end, cutting edge technology enables us to visualize the concept we have in mind, supplemented by interactive techniques and special effects on complementary levels. Each 3D Video Mapping is custom built to showcase the particular objects or building’s architectural shape. Integrating organizational management and know-how with artistic creativity and price efficient working methods from our intercultural offices, makes us extremely competitive. We work and prepare ± 80% from our headquarters to execute the remaining ± 20% from the last 5 days or sometimes even 24 hours on the event location anywhere around the globe.

No Guts, No Glory ´The WOW experience´
In each project we aim to do think out of the box and execute things that haven’t been done before. Sometimes that involves (calculated) risk. So far we are the only Video Mapping company around the globe to have projected a 3D Video Mapping on a cylindrical building (https://youtu.be/ajOhjtcLGIY) AND on an oval surface (https://youtu.be/xYQTs4LuP8I). Along the process there is always a (healthy) fear for failure, but sometimes this is the typical pressure we need to strive for success. It triggers us to reach the WOW effect of the crowd, touching them into their heart, while getting the message across.

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