• Projector Rental (We own High-End Projectors for indoor -and outdoor projections that we rent out for all kind of events);
  • 3D Modeling;
  • Storyboard (containing visuals and creative ideas in recognition with the client);
  • 3D Animation Production. Such as:
    – Architectural transformations;
    – Logo animation;
    – Animatic;
    – Graphic animated oriental ornaments (typical mapping);
    – Integration of special 3D characters;
    – Integration of special effects;
    – 3D animation loops;
    – Post production (Montage such as editing, after effects, special effects etc.)
  • Filming on chroma (green screen) to be integrated into the projection (mappings);
  • Production of soundtracks (music, sound design & special effects);
  • High Definition (HD) filming and editing;
  • Pre-programming for projection (Warping, Hard & Soft-Edge);
  • 3D Video Projection Mapping;
  • 360⁰ Projection;
  • 3D Water Projection;
  • 3D Hydro Projection;
  • 3D Holographic Projection;
  • Mocap Mapping;

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3D Mapping Factory®


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